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After Night has Fallen

Sérgio Miranda has been documenting Diamantina with his camera for about 15 years. He switched to digital photography less than two years ago, and  has maintained the discipline of carefully studying and composing each frame, rather than shooting indiscriminately and selecting the best images later.

By creating a forum on facebook, “Clickphoto Diamantina“,  he’s encouraging others to do the same. Today he is sharing with us a series of nocturnal images, capturing the poetry and magic that can be felt everywhere after the town has gone to sleep.


Igreija do Rosário e Teatro Santa Isabel
Igreja do Rosário e Teatro Santa Isabel






Torre da Catedral
Torre da Catedral


Mercado dos Tropeiros
Mercado dos Tropeiros


Lanterna e lua cheia
Poste de luz e lua cheia


 Igreja Bom Jesus
Igreja Bom Jesus


 Vista do Cruzeiro
Vista do Cruzeiro


Praça do Bomfim
Praça do Bomfim

We look forward to seeing more of Sérgio’s images.


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Chimerical Diamantina

These black and white pictures taken in Diamantina by Jorge Vasconcelos were selected by the photographer from the series  “Visão Plástica – Beleza e Descaso” (Plastic Vision – Beauty and Neglect).

They were taken with a Holga, an analog camera with a plastic lens. The imperfections of the lens blur the edges and distort the images in a unique way, imbuing them with a soft, dreamlike quality.


Igreja do Rosário - Rosário Church
Igreja do Rosário – Rosary  Church


Chafariz - Fountain
Chafariz – Fountain


Vista da torre da Igreja N.S. do Carmo - View from the tower of Our Lady of Carmel Church
Vista da torre da Igreja N.S. do Carmo – View from the tower of  Our Lady of  Carmel Church


Cemitério - Cemetery
Cemitério – Cemetery


Cruzeiro - Cross
Cruzeiro – Cross


Pau do Cebo - Grease Pole
Pau do Cebo – Grease Pole


Basilica S.C. Jesus
Basílica S.C. Jesus – Sacred Heart of  Jesus Church


Mercado dos Tropeiros - Muleteers' Market
Mercado dos Tropeiros – Muleteers’ Market

To see more of Jorge’s work go to www.flickr.com/photos/jorge-vasconcelos/sets/


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