10 Inventive Ways to Gift Wrap a Bottle

You are invited to a dinner party and don’t want to arrive empty handed – a bottle of wine or another beverage is an obvious choice for a gift. Or perhaps one of your friends is a wine enthusiast and you want to present him with that special bottle for his birthday.

You can a) go with the bag from the store – advertising and all; b) buy a wine bag with a nice print ; or c) get creative and produce a distinctive gift wrap that might well turn into a conversation starter at the get together.

Here are some ideas I found around the web. Some simple, some sophisticated, some whimsical, some a little more challenging to execute – but all of them imaginative and unique.


Wrap your offering in burlap for a rustic and charming effect. Instead of a ribbon add some corks tied to a string and an ivy tendril for the finishing touch. Click here for image source.


Looking for a gift for somebody who’s graduating? This champagne bottle comes complete with mortar board, gown and diploma! Find the complete tutorial here.


This playful bottle bag was the sleeve of a dress shirt in its previous incarnation. A bow tie is the fitting complement. You can find it here or easily make your own.


Craft paper, string and a wax seal give this wrapping its individual appeal. I know, most of us don’t own a wax seal, see here how to create an alternative. Or else just substitute with an attractive button.


This bag is a gift in itself. It’s as elegant as it is simple. Accolades from your host/ess and fellow guests are guaranteed. You can find it here.


Another easy yet fetching alternative: use a tea towel or a scrap of fabric in lieu of wrapping paper, as seen here.


A stunning arrangement made from leaves. Almost too beautiful to disassemble. Seen here.
A stunning arrangement made from leaves. Almost too beautiful to disassemble. Seen here.


A bottle of champagne disguised as a pineapple with the help of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Instructions (in German) here.


These lovely wine carriers require some basic knowledge in sewing and may be a little more time consuming than most of the previous ideas. But they are definitely worth the effort. You can look up the tutorial here.


Recycle your old jeans. Just cut off the legs and turn them into these handsome wine bags. Discovered here.


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